Emergency room scene during officer-involved shooting

Amarillo police officers surround the entrance to the emergency room at Northwest Texas Hospital after officer-involved shooting.

At 10:30 p.m. Amarillo police officers had the entrance and exit to the Northwest Texas Hospital (NWTH) emergency room surrounded, but what did the scene look like inside?

"Everybody scattered," Witness Alzada Gruver said. "Everyone was trying to get down, and I mean the only thought I had in my head was to protect him."

Gruver is referring to her son, Braydon. She said he was having trouble breathing, and decided to take him into the ER. She said the commotion started when a couple was taken back into the ER, and within minutes they returned, but this time in a hurry.

"10 seconds later APD ran out the door chasing after them," she said. "They got in the car and they took off. APD was running after them, and then you just heard gunfire."

Lt. Erick Bohannon said, "It was an intense scene."

According to Bohannon officers were initially dispatched to NWTH for a different call when their attention was brought to another individual who required police involvement.

"One of the two officers approached the vehicle and ordered the driver to stop," Bohannon said. "She drove the vehicle straight at him at which time he fired his weapon."

Bohannon said an occupant in the vehicle was injured as a result of the shots, but the injuries were not life threatening.

For Gruver and the others inside, she said, "It's scary. I've never been through anything like that and really my only thought was him."