Emanuel Vasquez has been captured

Emanual Vasquez captured in Amarillo

In Friday's press conference 47th District Attorney, Randall Sims addressed the media. "We filed a sealed indictment for murder on Mr. Vasquez on March 19th of 2008, and he was a fugitive since then until last night in El Paso, Texas he was arrested and within ten days will be back in Potter County," said Sims. He went on to say that as far as the public was concerned it may have appeared the law wasn't doing anything but that wasn't the case. "To the general public it appeared as if we were doing nothing and that's what we wanted to appear, cause he would think that to and we would get him in custody in some form or fashion."

Pronews 7 also spoke with Andrew Santos' father Martin. He says it's a positive that his sons killer has been arrested, but he won't have closure until proper justice is taken. "If anybody was to have their child crushed to death in a parking lot, how would they feel and what kind of justice would they expect, and that's the only thing I have to say right now."

Murder is a first degree felony, if convicted Vasquez faces between five years to life in prison and a fine not to exceed $10,000.

You may recall that Andrew Santos and fellow student Alex Ballin pulled a 94-year-old woman from her house when it exploded in October of 2006. In November, of that year the two were given the Citizen Heroism Award.

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E manuel Vasquez of Amarillo has been captured. 47th District Attorney, Randall Sims says Vasquez was caught in El Paso.

Vasquez is wanted on charges of aggravated assault causing bodily injury, a second degree felony.

Back in March of 2008, one vehicle rammed another near the Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union. Andrew Santos was killed, passenger Davina Tisthammer was injured. A sealed murder indictment was obtained for Vasquez when he was identified as the driver of the Expedition that rammed Santos' vehicle. The sealed indictment was sought when information surfaced tha Vasquez had fled to Mexico. Vasquez was captured almost two years to the date after the incident. Vasquez will be returned to Amarillo in the next 10 days.

Santos and Tisthammer's parents were informed of the arrest and say they are relieved to that Vasquez has been arrested.

Randall Sims will be holding a press conference later this afternoon. We will have much more on this developing story on Pronews 7 at five and right here on