Educators optimistic about House Bill 5

More than 800 School Boards in Texas have criticized the number of standardized tests high school students must take before they graduate.ã??

AISD Superintendent Rod Schroder says heâ??s returned from Austin optimistic that House Bill 5 will pass this session.ã??

The Bill reduces the number of tests from 15 to five. It also changes the graduation plan. If it passes Amarillo College is in a position to expand its programs further into high school.ã??

They offer many trade programs that students would be able to take for dual credit that would also satisfy graduation requirements, or "endorsements."ã??

Wade Shaffer, the Interim Provost at West Texas A&M University says heâ??s glad students could be taking fewer tests. "The testing theyâ??re taking, the basic ones, essentially is rote memorization of information and theyâ??re experts at that.ã??

But when we ask them to think outside the box or work in groups, they donâ??t have experience doing that."ã??

However, Shaffer does caution against removing math and science requirements that University students must master.