Educators broaden horizons for Hispanic and Latino readers

Across the nation, Hispanic and Latino students are finding it increasingly difficult to relate to the themes and characters often found in popular children's literature.

Increased efforts by AISD and Amarillo Public Library to provide books for Hispanic and Latino students, and resources for teachers and parents, come at important time.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, almost a quarter of students in the public school systems across the nation are Hispanic or Latino. Now considered to be the fastest growing population of students in the U.S., educators are anticipating and preparing for the needs of this growing demographic.

Hispanic and Latino children lack an image or role model in popular literature, making it difficult for them to relate to plots and themes taught in the classroom. Educators believe that this may affect their reading interest, and in turn, their literacy rates.

AISD and Amarillo Public Library are increasing efforts to provide books for Hispanic and Latino students, as well promote cultural diversity in the classroom. They offer reading lists for parents and teachers, and provide resources for educators looking to expand their book collections.