Eating Dessert with Dinosaurs

You probably wouldn't imagine enjoying dessert with dinosaurs, but that's what happened today at the Don Harrington Discovery Center.

A mixture of education, adventure, and a little time travel created the next closest thing to Jurassic Park, known as Dinosaurs and Dessert.

The event was hosted by the Discovery Center, where people of all ages took part in the adventure by "hatching the past" through dinosaur exhibits.

DHDC Executive Director, Dr. Aaron Pan said that the Centerâ??s goal is to bring science and learning to the Panhandle and High Plains.

â??We just want people to enjoy these wonderful exhibits and also to learn about paleontology and the new fascinating discoveries that are being made all the time by scientist.â?? said Pan.

Guest speaker, vertebrate paleontologist and SMU professor, Dr. Louis Jacobs also took part in the event.

He shared many of his stories of dinosaur discoveries from all over the world.

â??Dinosaurs are the gateway to science for people of all ages. Everyone likes them in every country around the world.â?? said Jacobs.

The theme for the traveling exhibits was "Hatching the Past: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies."

Guests enjoyed two life-size, animated African prehistoric creatures that roared, snarled, and moved just as they did when they walked the earth.

The Suchomimus was a large fish eating dinosaur and the Sarcosuchus was the â??kingâ?? of crocodiles.

One dinosaur fan said he really enjoys being able to see life size creatures.

Dino fan, Benjamin Rodarte said, â??Iâ??m a big dinosaur fan and my favorite dinosaur is the T-Rex because he is a giant meat eater.â??

People also enjoyed hands-on activities including touching real dinosaur bones and reconstructed nests, and digging for eggs.

Jacobs said although these creatures are long-extinct, they are extremely fascinating because their fossil records help answer questions about earth and history.

The discovery center will have the exhibits throughout the summer.