Easter in Amarillo

All across the area, Christians celebrated and honored the Easter Holiday. From worship services, to egg hunts, and cook outs, folks enjoyed the holiday weekend.

Hillside Christian Church let us in for one of their several worship services from this weekend. The worship service we attended included a baptism, and communion or the Lord's Supper. The symbolic bread and wine represent the blood and body of Christ.

For many, Easter is a chance to fellowship with their families and friends.

"I think that Easter is a great time where people gather together as family, and everyone wants to have a place where they're able to connect. It is really a great opportunity for people to come and to connect with family, to connect with friends, and find a faith community to be a part of," said Judy Stallwitz, Adult Ministries Team Leader at Hillside Christian Church.

Just about every park in town had several small crowds of people cooking out and of course hiding eggs for the kids.

We caught up with one group made up of several families, they hid around 6-hundred eggs which made for a great egg hunt, but they were not just celebrating but remembering what the holiday is all about.

"This holiday, we like to celebrate it because it's the resurrection of Jesus Christ, all the kids enjoy it, we're going to have a little egg hunt, and this kind of gets us all together. We like to remember Jesus Christ on this day," said Christina Roybal, who was out celebrating with friends and family.

They honor the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the most important holiday for Christians world wide.

"After that execution, 3 days later just miraculously he arose and was alive, and here 2-thousand years later we're still celebrating not only the history aspect of it, but the spiritual impact it's had around the world," said Judy Stallwitz.

Hillside Christian Church, has a special event coming up. They are hosting Kay Warren, wife of Pastor Rick Warren, who wrote "The Purpose Driven Life" on Saturday, April 16th.

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