Early votes in Donley County up

Most election observers in Donley County think the high number of early votes, 433 as of Monday morning, is due to the issue on the ballot, whether alcohol should be sold in the county.

However, Clarendon, the former Saints Roost, a term of derision coined by cowboys, a town founded on temperance, could very well go wet.

Itâ??s the first county-wide election covering the alcohol issue since 1902.

City activist, Trevor Leeper, 23, has a run for the city council under his belt, and now heâ??s a proponent for alcohol being sold.

He believes the city would make revenue for their efforts.

Opponents believe itâ??s a moral issue and do not think the county should allow it.

However, emotions are running high.

Leeper said, "Iâ??ve heard a few people who said I ainâ??t coming into your store again if you vote yes."

Election Day is November 5 2013.