Early spirit week at River Road High promises better academics

The students at River Road High School are finishing off their second week of the brand new school year, but they are also celebrating Spirit Week and Homecoming a few weeks earlier than usual.

The Principal at River Road High School, Mike Cheverier, said this is the first time he has experienced having these activities so early in the school year. There have been some concern that having Spirit Week so early could distract the students from the study. However, Cheverier is confident it is a good mix of social and academics.

"The social interaction piece, is very important. It's as important as academics, really, I think in what we do to help these kids be able to grow," said Principal Mike Cheverier.

Students at River Road High do not seem to mind the change either. They were seen walking around in their spirit gear all week. With themes ranging from Twin Day to Superhero Day, the students were definitely all smiles throughout the campus.

"Not much has changed about it, so, I still like it, and it's the first home game so it's the definition of homecoming," said senior, Cody Elam.

The pressure has been taken off teachers as well, as this new schedule allows them to ease their students into the school year again. Teachers are also not concerned with the academics when it comes to bringing their students back into the swing of things.

"It doesn't matter if they got something coming up to look forward to, it doesn't matter if it's at the end of the school year, they'll do what we need of them. Because they're just great kids," said junior english teacher, Eric Campbell.

River Road High School says they will continue to monitor the progress of their students with this new type of scheduling.