Early morning shooting wounds one man

An early morning shooting incident has sent one man to the hospital and police looking for the shooter.

Amarillo police officers responded to an early morning call at a local hospital where a man was being treated for a gunshot wound to the hand.

The Hispanic male, 31, shooting victim told the officers that he was walking under the railroad tracks on SE 27th near Buchannan Street when another man approached him with a gun.

In a press release, officers said they questioned the victim to gather information of the incident.

The victim told police he was approached by another hispanic man who had a pistol stuffed into his waistband. The victim feared being robbed and told the other man he did have any money and did not want any trouble.

The gunman pointed the pistol at the victim's head but the victim grabbed the gun with his hand, pushing it away from his head.

The suspect fired the gun striking the hand of the victim. The suspect then ran from the scene.

The victim went to a nearby relatives house where he was transported to the hospital.

Officers were able find the scene of the altercation and retrieve evidence of the shooting.

Police are still investigating the shooting and there have been no arrests made.

If you have information regarding this crime contact Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 374-4400.