Early Easter activities make for an 'Egg-cellent' day

Making an early trip this year was the Easter bunny, and the egg- citement began at the Amarillo Zoo.

"Kids are bringing their Easter baskets out and getting a chance to explore the zoo," said Mike Boley Visitor Service Coordinator. "We have Costume characters, Easter bunnies here of course, we have bugs bunny, and we have Alice In Wonderland characters."

The children weren't the only ones enjoying the holiday festivities, the animals also got in on the action. Lemurs, tigers, and monkeys all had their very own baskets, which children say made great entertainment.

"I have liked the monkeys, so far," said Alexis Crum Zoo Egg-citement Attendee. "They kind of destroyed the baskets and they found the eggs."

Across town, children were on a hunt of their own. The Egg-stravaganza at the Discovery Center was fun-filled with creation stations and activities that had a scientific twist.

"What I like to see is, lots of activities because I think that gets people really excited about science," said Mandi Ried. "So we can actually teach people at these events the science behind what we're doing."

While some families went specifically to enjoy the Easter themed science actives, others went just to try something new.

"It gives you more things to go out and do instead of just doing one at your house or in your backyard," said Elise Shepard Eggstravaganza Attendee. "It gives you more of a variety of being able to go out and do other things with your kids and take them out."

With so many activities going on one thing is for sure, it was an "egg-cellent" day.