Dumas Jr High students excel at National Science Bowl

A few students at Dumas Junior High School have made history. Becoming the first team to advance to the National Science Bowl. They're the Dumas Black team, and they participated in the Pantex Regional Science Bowl in February. They won first place, a thousand dollars, and a trip to the Nationals held in Washington, D.C. Pronews 7 is featuring these students, in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

In a Science Bowl its all about the battle of the brains. A challenge that students from Region 16 schools answer every year. This year, the Dumas Black team excelled, and they credit hard work and dedication.

"Kind of play sample questions together to get to know each person's strong point like I do math, our captain is good with the biology a little bit," said 7th grader, Holly Wilhelm.

"What we've done so far up to now is just mainly go over the sample questions that are on the national site and also study from areas that we've learned from past competitions," said Science Bowl Coach, David Wylie.

Nationals were held in April in Washington, D.C. The students participating in rounds of academic questions and building a lithium battery operated car.

"For me it was more fun than intimidating I don't think it was that intimidating but when we went to nationals and the other teams were buzzing at every question I was getting intimidated by nationals," said 8th grader, Jacob Owens.

The team placed fourth out of 46 middles schools, they say they're pretty happy with their success.

"It feels really good because I went last year and we didn't do so well," said 8th grader, Ravi Patel.

"It makes me feel kind of good that kin of I could be an engineer one day and that would be a fun job," said Wilhelm.

"It was really fun to be part of the academic part it allowed me to learn more and then also go through what I learned," said Owens.

While in Washington, D.C. the students also visited the Smithson Museum and the National Mall. They also say they hope to continue to go to future Science Bowls.