Dumas Jr High School students are creating video games

Eighth graders at Dumas Junior High School are creating video games. Those students are part of a newly created game club at the school. The club is not all about sitting around playing Call of Duty, the students are applying Math, Science, and Art skills to create these games.

Pronews is featuring the new game club in the Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

With a click of the mouse and a few codes, these students are creating video games. About 12 students are part of the new club.

"I was super excited that this game club would give these kids an opportunity to contribute to this school in a positive way," said Dumas Jr. High School Principal, Kurt Baxter.

"When I was really young I was interested in like designing websites and I figured this would help me design very basic computer games for little kids to play," said 8th grader, Amber Taylor.

"I've always liked making stuff and I've always really really liked video games," said 8th grader, Hanna Murrah.

It's not just about play, it's hard work incorporating several subjects into creating a masterpiece.

"We really tie together a few different things we do some very basic programming which actually tends to help the kids with Math. We also tie in some art, games have to have pictures," said game club sponsor, Jeff Stoughton.

Stoughton said the school hopes to spark an interest in the students that could lead to a career.

"I think we're fostering interest in technical fields especially for these girls who are typically under represented in those fields," said Stoughton.

"I feel its important because I can later if I find that I like this a lot I can go into a job where I'm creating games, so this kind of gives me a background on it," said Murrah.

Stoughton says he hopes to expand the club next year to include 7th graders as well.