Dumas Homicide

Dumas police officers responded to a call at 2:30 A.M. on August 1st, at the intersection of N. Maddox and 6th St. regarding a male subject that was slumped over in a vehicle. When officers arrived they found long time Dumas resident, 57 year old Ronald Whitfield deceased from apparent knife wounds.

A little after 5 P.M. Dumas police arrested 38 year old Donald Jameson in connection with Whitfield's death. Currently Jameson is the lone suspect and authorities are confident that no one else was involved.

It is believed that the incident took place inside Whitfield's vehicle while at the intersection of 6th and N. Maddox.

This was the first homicide since 2001 in Dumas, and an incident like this truly has an impact on the community. "My captain, administrative captain who was born and raised in Dumas actually went to school with Mr. Whitfield, so a lot of folks knew him and it's very unfortunate, we do want to put closure to this as quickly as possible," said Dale Alwan, Dumas Police Chief.

An autopsy will be performed Tuesday in Lubbock.