Dumas couple finds lost puppy after 7 years

Animals are a human's best friend.

Having a dog run away is always tough to deal with, but maybe harder still, is when a family pet is stolen.

Those pets are rarely ever found but for a Dumas couple, they beat the odds after what was almost half the lifetime of their missing dog.

For the first year of her life, this was Macy May's home, with Lewis and Gloria Pena.

Then seven long years ago, right after Macy May's brother was stolen out of this yard, Macy May was dog-napped from the Pena's business.

Fast forward those seven years to a couple weeks ago when the Pena's received a call from the Humane Society in Amarillo.

"Apparently, someone wanted to adopt her and my husband said, "Let me discuss this with my wife, " and I told him, "What is there to discuss? She's my dog and I want her back," said Gloria.

Gloria said Macy May had a couple abscesses but other than that and a little weight loss. She was in pretty good condition and remembered her name, the house and most importantly, Lewis and Gloria.

"Scared. She's just scared and she's coming along and she's eating well and she's adjusting to our other pets that we have."

She had tags when she was stolen before, but they were long gone. Luckily, they had Macy May chipped as a puppy and that made their reunion possible.

"And I always said, those chips don't work...but they did."

The Pena's are now retired with two other dogs, and having Macy May back makes their family complete...and they say they're not going to take their eyes off her this time.

"God knew what his plans were for her so we're just going to love her now and take care of her!"

Macy May's brother was never found but they now have two other dogs which, according to the Pena's, have taken to their long lost sister.