Dumasâ?? City Commission to look at election process

Dumas City Manager Vince DiPiazza says itâ??s likely City Commissioners will examine the allegations made by a law firm that the cityâ??s at-large election process discriminates against minorities.

He says they could discuss it at the next Commission meeting in executive session September 2nd.

Dumas isnâ??t alone in using an at-large system.

Amarillo has a mixture of voting systems. Cumulative voting is used by educational institutions. Potter County Commissioners are elected by precincts and the Amarillo City Commission is elected at-large.

Amarillo City Commissioner Ellen Robertson-Green says, "Iâ??m proud of the make-up of the City Commission. We have gender equality and I think we have a good mix of where people live in the city. We have two females, three males, one Hispanic. We laughed that the only person who lives in Southwest Amarillo is the Mayor."

That was always the criticism of the City Commission in the past.

Potter County Commissioners must live in their precincts.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Leon Church says, "I think thatâ??s very critical to have to live in that precinct and in the area youâ??re representing. You know what their concerns are."