Drunken tractor driving leads to man getting tazed, arrested

The tractor wheel then went up on the patrol car hood, across the hood and tipped over in the street.

By Anne Cook, Up North Live

A Cheboygan man was arrested after leading police on a chase while he was drunk driving his tractor.

According to Cheboygan Police, they received a call Tuesday evening of a shirtless man, who appeared to be intoxicated, driving a tractor around town.

Officers caught up with the man, who was later identified as Joshua Viau, on East State Street. They say the man was driving erratically, so they activated their lights and sirens, attempting to pull him over.

Police say Viau appeared to look back at the patrol car and continued on a side street before making a u-turn and attempting to hit the patrol car. The officer was able to avoid hitting him.

Viau then turned around and headed back into the intersection at East State and State Street, running the stop sign and making a u-turn in the middle of the intersection. Police say Viau tried to hit the patrol car a second time.

An additional Cheboygan Police officer arrived to help stop the tractor. Viau made several attempts to hit that patrol car, police say, eventually hitting it in the right front fender.

The tractor wheel then went up on the patrol car hood, across the hood and tipped over in the street.

Viau was thrown from the tractor, police say, before getting up and attempting to run away. He was ordered to stop by police, at which time he turned and began to fight with officers. He was tazered.

He was taken to McLaren Cheboygan where he was treated and released for minor injuries before being taken to the Cheboygan Jail.

Viau, 35, will be charged with two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, one count of resisting and obstructing police officers, one count of fleeing and eluding police, and one count of operating while intoxicated.

No officers or members of the public were injured in the incident.