Drugs from California stopped in Texas

On Saturday, Oct. 27, Texas Public Department troopers pulled over Tyrone Dew, of Huntington Beach, California, for speeding in a 2004 Lexus.

Dew was headed eastbound on Interstate 40 in Gray County, seven miles east of Groom.

A consent to search the vehicle was first denied by Dew.

A K-9 unit was brought to the scene to smell the vehicle with a free air check. The dog made a positive hit of drugs in the vehicle which prompted a search by troopers.

19 pounds of marijuana had been discovered in the trunk.

The marijuana is estimated to be worth $102,000.

The drugs were headed from San Francisco, Calif. to Atlanta, GA.

On Oct. 28, at 1:51 AM, DPS troopers pulled over a 2012 Nissan Sentra driven by Leng Yang, of Fresno, Calif. and a passenger Bee Yang, of Spartanburg, SC. for speeding on I-40.

A consent to search the vehicle was denied by Yang, to which a K-9 unit was brought in for a free air check.

The K-9 made a positive hit of drugs inside the vehicle which warranted a search.

Inside luggage in the trunk, the troopers discovered 42 pounds of marijuana in 35 bundles, estimated to be worth $227,000.

Along with the marijuana, inside plastic bags was six grams of methamphetamine estimated to be worth at $500.

The drugs originated in San Francisco Calif. and were headed to Spartanburg, SC.