Drivers along I-27 might be seeing changes in speed limits

Drivers might soon see a change in speed limits along Interstate 27 between Washington Street and the city limits.

Right now, the speed limit is 60 miles per hour from Washington Street to Bell Street. Then, it increases to 75 miles per hour.

The new speed limit that is proposed would create a gradual speed change.

Washington Street to Hillside Road would be 60 miles per hour. Then it would increase to 65 from Hillside to Bell Street, and then to 75.

The Texas Department of Transportation recommended the 65 miles per hour after studying the area.

"In each direction, the speed was 67 miles per hour so we rounded down to the 65 because we have to go on 5 increments, said Mike Fowler, TxDOT traffic engineer.

First, the city needs to approve the changes to the municipal code to accommodate the proposed changes.

"The legal department has prepared an item for the council to review. I believe they have to vote on it twice because it's a change to the municipal code. And at that point, it will be published in the municipal code, said Jerry Bird, city traffic engineer.

Once it's approved by the city, TxDOT will put up new speed limit signs.

Changes will be in effect until the signs are displayed.