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      DQ's Miracle Treat Day helps provide funds for Children's Miracle Network

      A size small blizzard from Miracle Treat Day

      2014 marks the 30th anniversary of a sweet partnership between Dairy Queen and the Children??s Miracle Network Hospitals. Through that partnership, the two have been able to raise $100 million across North America. Here in the Panhandle, the partnership raised $10,000 last year through the six-week balloon campaign, finishing off with Miracle Treat Day.

      Miracle Treat Day invited people to enjoy a frosty treat from Dairy Queen, a crowd-pleasing favorite, the Blizzard. For any Blizzard purchased, all proceeds went directly back to the support the Children??s Miracle Network.

      ??Every dollar counts, that??s the biggest thing. It all goes into a pool and we??re able to do so much to help so many families locally,?? said Jodi Reid, director of the Children??s Miracle Network.

      Those dollars and funds can help with things like travel grants to help children see specialists in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston or Lubbock. Those expenses can easily add up to $20,000-$30,000 a month for CMN. Donated funds can also cover medical grants to help cover medical bills for families, like providing a much-needed wheelchair or covering a child??s chemo-therapy treatment.

      ??It??s a great cause and we??re proud to be a part of it,?? said Jennifer Seth, general manager of the Dairy Queen , Soncy location.

      Typically, a blizzard costs around three dollars. In past years, Dairy Queen locations have donated around a dollar from each purchase to give back to the Children??s Miracle Network. However, this year, Panhandle location shave decided to give the full proceeds.

      ??Every bit of it goes directly back into the local community. It??s not something that we??re shipping off to some national corporation. It stays right here in Amarillo and it helps so many kids and so many families,?? said Seth.

      ??There??s just the connection that they??re raising the money locally and it??s staying locally,?? said Reid.

      Dairy Queen also prepared 500 pre-made Blizzards that were sold to BSA and Northwest Texas Hospital employees.