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      DPS investigates wreck after 5 killed, 1 injured near Dumas

      Five passengers from the hit play "Texas" were pronounced dead, with one in critical condition, after a deadly accident that occurred just before midnight Monday night.

      " L ast night around 11 or 11:30 p.m. a crash happened at the intersection of FM 119 at U.S. 287 a couple miles north of Dumas."

      A F ord Taurus, driven by Clinton Diaz of Amarillo was traveling west on FM 119, attempting to turn south onto U.S. 287. Diaz was unable to complete the turn and was hit by a southbound semi. Five of the six passengers were pronounced dead on the scene.


      Andrew Duncan- Wichita Falls, TX

      Clinton Diaz-Amarillo, TX

      Amanda Starz-Timonium, MD

      Julian Arrendondo-Haltom, TX

      Eric Harrison-Ft. Worth, TX

      " R ight now the crash is under investigation, we've confirmed there were 6 occupants in the Taurus, and 5 are confirmed deceased at this time, with one in critical condition.," said Lt. Beth Watson. "The driver of the truck trailer was transported to the hospital with minor injuries."

      T imothy Johnson, a passenger in the Taurus, and Theron Arthur McSay, the driver of the semi, were both transported to Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo.

      P eople who live in the area say the crash could be heard from miles away.

      " W e live really close, and we were sitting outside heard a really big crash, and then we saw it," said Dumas Resident Angelica Gardea. "The trailer came out and two big boxes fell out of the truck and went flying. No one was there yet, not even the police."

      T he Texas Highway Patrol confirmed that alcohol was found in the Taurus, but have no comment on whether it played a role in the accident.

      T he crash remains under investigation.