DPS enforces Roadcheck 2013


Texas Department of Public Safety is joining law enforcement officials across the nation to reduce commercial vehicle highway fatalities through their 2013 Roadcheck campaign.

From June 4-June 6, s

tate troopers and inspectors will be on the lookout for
18-wheelers and buses with equipment violations. Drivers not in compliance with state and federal requirements are subject to brake, tire, and loading investigations.

"We have certified inspectors that'll bring the truck in, inspect the truck's brakes, tires, lighting," said State Trooper Chris Ray. "They're checking the truck driver's paperwork and driver's license for the vehicle that they're driving."

In 2012, authorities inspected more than 8,000 commercial vehicles. DPS said 21% of them had serious violations. Inspectors placed 243 drivers out of service for various violations.