Downtown Women's Center receives $9,000 in pants

The Downtown Women's Center will receive 450 pairs of pants in a variety of blue, black, charcoal and khaki.

The Downtown Women's Center is expecting $9,000 in the form of dress pants for women.

AmeriPride Services, one of the largest uniform rental and linen supply companies, is donating nearly 450 dress pants to the center.

Tanna Stoops works at the center's Thrift City store. She's also one of the many women to graduate from the center's program.

"The girls at the Haven House who come in with hardly anything are really going to enjoy these," Stoops said.

General Manager of the Amarillo AmeriPride location Gary Leamer said, "The center is free to do what it pleases with the boxes and boxes of pants." He said he's just happy the days of shredding the pants are over.

"When I wasn't the GM, it really bothered me," Leamer said. "I don't mind if they use them for women in the program or they decide to sell them, I'm just glad they're using them."

The company does something called a "clutter cleanup," removing excess inventory, but Leamer says instead of donating the clothes they'd be shredded and thrown away. However, that's not the case anymore.

"For me personally, I was less fortunate growing up and these types of organizations really helped my mother as an adult with children," Leamer said. "So what better place more deserving than somewhere that takes care of the community."

Pants to most, but to Stoops she sees a second chance for women in similar shoes.

"Because the better you look when you're going to look for a job, the better you feel and the more chances you have to get it," Stoops said.