Downtown Amarillo Inc. continues revitalization plans

Downtown Amarillo Inc. is on the move , continually going forward with plans to revitalize downtown.

"Wayfinding, making sure people can find their destinations, they can find public parking, understand where to park without circling around the block. To make sure people don't get towed", said Downtown Amarillo Inc. Executive Director, Melissa Dailey.

Also during Thursday's meeting, DAI discussed circulation studies, possible one way and two way streets, to make sure people will be able to get in and out of the area quickly and efficiently. As they carry out Phase One, Downtown Amarillo Inc. has also started to plan for Phase Two...and that affects the civic center.

"That study is being done. It's in draft form at this point, it's being reviewed by staff. So the Civic Center expansion and improvements is definitely something that could be a part of Phase 2 as could a second garage and some other improvements", said Dailey.

But unlike downtown revitalization plans, changes to the Civic Center could cost the taxpayers.

"I would envision that being a public building, taxpayers dollars for whatever improvements that might be done there", continued Dailey.

Those possible changes won't be determined for some time and Dailey says so far, everything is progressing smoothly.

"Everybody is working together to try and accomplish this and we have great partnerships which is really going to be the key", added Dailey.

As for a timeline for downtown's revitalization projects, the hotel is expected to be completed in the fall of 201 3 and the ballpark in the spring of 2014. The DAI plans to have more public meetings about the revitalization in the future.