Double homicide, suspect in custody

An early morning shooting on Saturday has left two children without parents. Officers arrived at 3010 Westhaven on reports of shots fired, when they arrived they found two victims that were shot to death.

The victims are 24 year old Stephanie Beard, and 24 year old Daniel Brittian. Preliminary reports show that two other adults survived the attack and fled the scene, eventually helping authorities identify the suspect, which was 26 year old Wilbert Raymon Banks.

Four children were in the home at the time of the shooting, but all are safe and in Child Protective Services custody. CPS have found family members to help care for the surviving children.

After an all day search, a tip led police to 1303 Herman, where S.W.A.T team members made contact with Banks, who then surrendered peacefully.

The Preliminary investigation leads police to believe that the homicide stemmed from a previous domestic complaint against Banks who had an outstanding warrant from a prior domestic complaint.

Authorities believe that the deceased were more than likely not the targets, and may have simply been letting the person Banks was after stay with them temporarily.

The two survivors have been placed in protective custody for the weekend.

"Anytime there is somebody out there that did one of these murders, and you're concerned that may not be all that's going to happen, you do everything you can to locate that person as quick as you can and fortunately we've been pretty lucky on finding the majority of these guys if they're still in town," said Lt. Gary Trupe, Special Crimes Unit.

Banks will likely face charges that range from aggravated assault, murder, and even possibly capital murder charges.