Do's and Dont's of Fritch donations

The Multi-Agency Resource Center will open tomorrow at an old school building called CHAMPS from 2-8 p.m.

When disaster strikes, followed by community outreach, you can always expect a some sort of scam in the mix.

"Some of the volunteers in the meeting said that that may have started or is already happening," Steven Deffibaugh with Texas A&M Forrest Service said.

Debbibaugh said multiple agencies addressed concerns about potential scammers at a meeting held Wednesday.

"People need to be made aware that none of these organizations will be going to door to door seeking donations, goods or money," he said.

Director of the Texas Panhandle Red Cross Chapter Steve Pair said the safest bet is donate to the organizations seen most often in the community. He said it's safer than donating to an organization from out of the area. Red Cross has six Emergency Rescue Vehicles in Fritch, and three of them were immersed in the neighborhoods hit with fire destruction.

Pair said while families are realizing what they have and what they don't, multiple agencies are trying to organize a one-stop shop.

"We are working with a bunch community partners to open a Multi-Agency Resource Center where individuals can come in and we'll meet with them individually," Pair said.