Don't 'bug' out! Chilly weather brings bugs indoors

Four, six or eight legs -- it doesn't matter -- it's cooling down and the bugs are back.

"All insects want to come on into the house because it starts cooling down", said Bugs Burney Pest Control Owner, Bruce Burney. "If you run the air conditioner a lot or your heaters or whatever but if you're generating air currents you're going to have a lot more spiders than usual."

But, it's not just little spiders you have to worry about.

"The beetles and all the different crickets", said Burney. "Crickets always start moving real good around this time of year. The mice start coming in, the tarantulas start hatching out this time of year."

Burney says the best way to prevent infestation from any of those pests is to make sure your home is sealed tightly. Burney also recommended getting a routine maintenance check of your home to make sure none of those insects have found their way inside.

"That's your first control measure is seal the structure because until you seal the structure they're going to just keep coming", added Burney.

What's not so easy to prevent or get rid of, though, are bed bugs.

"Bed bugs are on the rise too. They reproduce real fast. They're a real big issue," said Burney. "Bed bugs are really hard to get rid of. Beg bugs get inside the cotton of the mattresses, they get around the pillow edges, they get around the edges of the mattresses."

S o, seal and secure. I t insulates your home and keeps the critters out , killing two "bugs" with one stone.