Man hides $50k donation in nativity scene, surprising non-profit


A Christmas miracle has an Amarillo non-profit counting its blessings.

Tens of thousands of dollars were donated to the Children's Home in a very unique way. It was all due to a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Staffers recall getting the news after a random call.

"The person on the phone asked the receptionist to run outside and check underneath Jesus... And she was very confused," said Darrin Murphy, president of Children's Home. "She went out and found this envelope and inside the envelope was a check for $50,000. As you can imagine, we were just taken aback."

It's a deed workers are calling nothing short of a blessing. Murphy said about 75 percent of the organization's funding comes from donations.

Murphy said staffers noticed the name on the check and contacted the donor.

"He said that one of the reasons he did it was that he gets to see our kids and he watches their interaction, how they treat each other and how they treat their house parents. And he was inspired by them," said Murphy.

It's inspiration Murphy said spans beyond a gift found at a nativity scene. He said it ultimately impacts the children knowing they were motivation for the donation.

"I told [the kids] that people are noticing you, people believe that you have what it takes and people believe in your future," said Murphy. "It was huge for them and they were very excited about that."

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