Donley County residents petition for alcohol sales

Clarendon resident Jack Craft started a petition to legalize alcohol sales in Donley county, after collecting 10 signatures as required by state law. Craft turned them into the Donley County Clerk for name and voter registration approval. The petition was accepted, and now Donley County residents can weigh-in on the issue.

"There were a couple of people discussing possibilities for economic development and it was brought up that we wish the county weren't dry," said Clarendon resident Jack Craft. "We need 413 signatures by July 8th and we're about a little over a 3rd of the way there."

If the petition collects 413 signatures, the petition must sit at the clerk's office for 30 days before county commissioners can receive it. Although Donley is historically dry, not all residents see the petition as a threat. Sande Espinoza, a Clarendon resident, thinks the legalization of alcohol sales would be beneficial to the local economy.

"I think it'd be a good idea, if you know how to drink responsibly I don't see a problem with it," said Espinoza.

For petition-starter Jack Craft, the alcohol isn't as important as the increased revenue throughout the county.


he alcohol

doesn't really matter to me,

I just hate to see the money leave the community or not get captured by the community."