Donated Scentsy teddy bears bring cuddly comfort to Ronald McDonald House

T here's hardly anything worse than being sick around the holidays . Fo r sick kids and their families at Amarillo's Ronald McDonald House, it can be a tough time, despite the house's efforts to make them comfortable while a family member is in the hospital.

But this year, those kids are getting a little something to hold onto thanks to "Scentsy" and the efforts of one of it's local consultants, Amy Hart.

"100 percent of the net proceeds go to the national organization and I wanted to take it and give to our local Ronald McDonald house," said Hart.

Shortly after she began collecting donations from the community to purchase the extra bears and donate them, she got a call from local business, Data Land Consulting.

" T hey came to me and heard that I was doing this so they bought 15 bears, which was my goal," explained Hart. "Then I got more bears on top of that from just people in the community."

In all, Hart collected 21 bears, something employees at the Ronald McDonald house were ecstatic about.

"At Christmas time, what's better than a bear?", said Executive Director for the Ronald McDonald House, Jan Reid. "And these smell so good and children of any age, boys and girls, really like them."

Because the money raised from all of the purchased bears will go right back to the national Ronald McDonald House Charity and the bears purchased locally will stay in Amarillo, Hart feels it's a win-win for everyone.

"Everybody wins in this situation because the money goes nationally, kids locally get the bears and I think people really gravitated towards that," said Hart.

"A lot of those children as well as their families are going through very trying situations, so to give them a little something that they can hug and love on, may be the best medicine that they can get," added Reid.

Not to mention, it's one more great example of the selfless ways of the Amarillo people and the Panhandle Spirit that lives in each of us.

"We are so blessed in Amarillo that groups like the Scentsy consultants and the company support us in these ways because it makes the families feel like our community cares, that the area cares and they go away with feelings of love from Amarillo," said Reid. "It gives them a memory of Amarillo that may the good part of their stay here."