Domestic Violence Database Bill passes House

Today the Texas House passed House Bill 21 which would create a Domestic Violence Registry similar to D.P.S.â??s Sexual Offender Database. The Bill now heads to the Senate.

Family Support Services in Amarillo is in favor of it.

Jackie Bolden, the Legal Advocate for the organization says, I think this is something thatâ??s needed. I would like to see it be further than just Texas, but like a national database. Because we know people move from location to location.

Last year Potter County had almost 2300 domestic violence incidences reported. Randall County had almost 200.

To be on the database an offender would need to be convicted three times.

But Defense Attorney Jeff Blackburn says not every domestic violence case is equal. "Whatâ??s domestic violence? Is it a Class C, two-bit, payable only with a fine little case that got handled in municipal court because you just paid the fine because your girlfriend got upset and said you were yelling at her? Yeah, thatâ??s domestic violence."