Dogs from Iraq looking for Panhandle homes

Tuesday, we brought you the story of Sadie, her six puppies, and the veterinarian who saved them by bringing them back to the U.S.

Thursday, two of those puppies arrived in Amarillo to get ready for adoption.

Like little kids on Christmas, the puppies showed their excitement to get out of the kennels after their long trip from Iraq.

"We bring these dogs back over here and they pretty much wins the dog lottery compared to their life that would be over there, they wouldn't get medical treatment or anything so I think those dogs are lucky," said Palo Duro Animal Hospital Vet Tech, Aaron Ballinger.

The unnamed puppies will be spayed and neutered and properly vaccinated before they get adopted.

"They'll be found homes, I don't know if these two particularly have homes, but I know at the clinic today they got eight calls from people that were trying to get the Iraqi dogs."

Which isn't always the case, most of the time puppies like these go to the family of the soldier who found them.

"Some of them go to the soldiers actual family and friends here, so they'll some back and be adopted out to somebody that knows them from Iraq and helped bring them back, so that's real cool."

If it weren't for this program, many of these hyperactive fuzz balls would be put down.

"Iraqi veterinarians don't really have a lot of training, a lot of its animal husbandry with big cattle, sheep and goats so they pet side of it falls by the wayside."

Ballinger says his dad has already planned another trip for early next month, and he says the first chance he gets, he'll be on the plane with him.