Dog owner says pets wrongfully killed by deputies

Controversy is heating up between the Randall County Sheriff's Office and a dog owner. Dog owner Daniel Sommers two dogs were killed by deputies after they say the animals became aggressive.

According to official reports, three complaints were made against the Great Dane mix and Rottweiler mix in two days by neighbors who say their livestock was attacked. The report says, deputies witnessed the dog attacking a donkey and were told a neighbor feared for her goats. The deputies claim they tried to catch the dogs but couldn't. They were shot in and around their makeshift pen where they retreated.

"Dog owners have a responsibility to abide by and go by that ordinance...what we have to do or what we feel we have to do to protect the people and livestock of this county and protect livestock," said Randall County Sheriff Joel Richardson.

T he Randall County ordinance is very clear. All dogs must be tagged, confined, or tethered. None of these criteria were met earlier this month when the two dogs were reportedly attacking livestock.

Sommers says these pups, both less than a year old, had never showed any aggression, and believes action other than deadly force should have been taken.

"I don't know what else to do...and if this ordinance allows police officers to do this, something needs to be changed."

Richardson has extended an invitation to Sommers to call him and discuss the incident directly. Sommers says he would like to see the law changed to exclude deadly force of pets.