Dog attacks woman in neighborhood alley

Photo of dog that animal control says they have tried to capture but attempts have been unsuccessful.

What started out as a morning walk for Amanda Gruendike soon turned into a search for help.

"I said I was going to go for a walk, I went out the back door and literally within five minutes I was down," Gruendike said.

Gruendike said her South Lawn neighborhood is known to have stray dogs, but she never expected what came next.

"The dog came out of the corner not out of the fence, but out of the corner and he barked at me." Gruendike said. "I did not turn to the dog, I'm used to them. I just kept walking and I was very viciously bit."

The dog bit Gruendike three times near her right ankle. She made it back to her house, where her fiancé called animal control and rushed Gruendike to the emergency room. Two hours later Gruendike was released with 23 stitches.

Assistant Director Shannon Barlow of Animal Control said when officers arrived the dog was gone, but that he's no stranger to the neighborhood. She said one officer chased the dog for about one mile a few days after the incident.

"Well our officers believe they know the dog." Barlow said. "We know what the dog looks like, we think it's the same dog that has been a nemesis at another location."

Barlow said when a dog is in attack mode, there's little a person can do.

"Protect your head and neck. You're probably going to survive." Barlow said. "You're going to end up with some wounds but you're going to survive and that's really the best advice that we can give to anyone."

Barlow said something a person should never do is run from the animal.

If the dog is found within 10 days, it will be quarantined and likely euthanized.