Do you have money waiting for you?

The Texas Comptroller's office is set to release the list of those who have unclaimed property which totals around $2.2 billion.

According to the office, one in four Texans have money waiting to be claimed from the state's unclaimed property fund.

"This is an opportunity to get money back from the state government," said Texas Comptroller Susan Combs. "It's yours - claim it."

A list of names will be published in various newspapers on Sunday, including the Amarillo newspaper. People can also check the states website,, and search for unclaimed property. If your name is listed in the paper, you have at least $250 to claim.

During the fiscal year for 2010, the comptroller's office returned more than $163 million to it's rightful owners, a $16 million increase compared to 2009.

Old bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, utility deposits, insurance policies are just some of the things Texans seem to forget about. Any money or property in those accounts are turned over to the unclaimed property department of the state.