Do you ever use a phone book?

Phone books seem to becoming more obsolete as technology increases. / Travis Ruiz - Pronews 7

You need a phone number: What do you do? Do you simply Google the number? Or do you search in a phone book?

As technology continues to improve, one can easily argue that people are using actual phone books less and less.

Instead, people can now easily access phone numbers and addresses from virtually any search engine. Included in those websites are the phone book companies themseleves. and are two widely-known phone book companies who have embraced the world wide web.

Phone books used to be one of the only sources in finding people's phone numbers or addresses. With people carrying smart phones and laptops, that information is now much more readily available.

According to a representative from Yellow Book, more than 300,000 of its phone books are distributed throughout the Amarillo area, but how many of those are actually used?

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