Do town hall meetings make a difference?

Town hall meetings have long been a benchmark of free speech and a way for our elected officials to gather up information and opinions directly from constituents.

The question remains, are they worthwhile and do they really work?

We hit the streets to find out what the public thinks about these meeting that have been part of the political scene for decades. Turns out opinions are mixed.

"Town meetings are definitely a needed thing, but again, if it's just to boost up som politician's career then, well, uh, not really," said concerned voter, Kristin.

So what about those in the political know?

Do they believe town hall meetings are all they're cracked up to be? The answer can still be mixed.

"Normally they know their constituents, pretty well and know what to expect, but not always," said Dr. Brian Farmer of Amarillo College.

At best it seems, they serve the good of the public and the politicians, but like everything else political, there are always two sides.

"Maybe, maybe not. You can have a town hall meeting and find out that your priorities as a member of congress just changed because what you might have thought are issues or the other was the most important and you have a town hall meeting and find out your people back home are really more interested in something else," said Farmer.

Coming up tonight on ProNews 7 at 10 we'll have a complete wrap up of tonight's town hall meeting with U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry.