Divas 2000+ make a play World Series style

There is something about a ball and a glove, the swing of a bat to make a home run, and the power of a team.

The Divas 2000+,12 and under girls' softball team understands that and now face a once in a lifetime opportunity of going to the World Series.

With big dreams, hard work, and lots of passion behind their plays, the sky is the limit for the Divas fast pitch team.

After winning the Southwest region for 12 and under softball, the girls are headed to Florida for the famous Babe Ruth World Series, which will be a life changing experience.

"An opportunity to go to the World Series for anyone, at any level is an amazing feat," said head coach, Jason Velasquez "Being able to represent the Top of Texas League as well as themselves and their families, is an honor. It's amazing to be able to be part of this."

But like any team, the Divas had to work together and had quite the journey to get to this point.

Team member, Madison Lowry said going through the highs and lows has taught her how to support her other teammates.

"This journey has brought us closer. We're bonding more and having fun while doing it." said Lowry

Full on dedication, commitment, a passion for the sport and having fun are the ingredients this team uses to make champions.

The coaches agree that with players this age it is important to be serious, but have fun so they enjoy the sport.

"People look at us like we're odd because we actually dance to loosen up and we keep the radio going," said Velasquez "We keep fun in the game, because without the fun the game's not there."

With such a huge opportunity ahead coaches are making sure to get the girls prepared right with encouraging practices and making sure that the girls are acclimated to the climate in Florida.

Player's parents and coaches said there is a family formed with the team, parents and coaches.

Being a family means they all have to work well together, which is seen from all team members, as parents coordinate carpooling, practice times, and even fun get-togethers.

One thing is evident and that is that everyone is so proud of the Divas and there is a lot of heart and try on the field.

"Yes, she's my daughter, but I'm also very proud of all the other ones too," said team mom, Jennifer Alaniz "If one is missing, the team is not the same. They're all important and they're all my kids too and I know the other moms feel the same way."

The World Series are August 1-7, 2013.

The team is taking donations to help them with travel expenses and they can be contacted by visiting the team's Facebook page.