District Attorney investigates Autopro dealership

Autopro Remarketing Inc., the parent company of Autopro Suzuki, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on October 5th. The bankrupt car dealership was located at 2727 SW 45th, and is now being investigated by Randall County prosecutors.

The company owes between 100-199 creditors, with an estimated total of up to $10 million. According to bankruptcy paperwork the dealership owes money to the IRS, Amarillo National Bank, and KVII-TV.

Randall County prosecutors are investigating complaints involving the business practices of Autopro Suzuki.

Randall County District Attorney James Farren said that his office is getting a lot of calls from a lot of unhappy people, and they are collecting information about the allegations. Some customers are claiming they traded in a car, believing their lien would be paid off, but that wasn't the case. Others claim they purchased a vehicle only to learn there was a lien on that vehicle.

Farren said that it could take quite sometime to go through all the claim, and if the evidence collected warrants it then there could be criminal charges filed. Those charges could include theft, fraud, and Farren notes that it is illegal to sell something with a lien on it and not divulge that information.

The District Attorney recommends that those who purchased vehicles from Autopro Suzuki contact their lending institution and discuss the situation. If anyone then suspects they could have an issue with a sale, Farren said they can contact his office at (806) 468-5570, and ask to speak with prosecutor Richard Gore.

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