Discovery Center hosts "Explode!" for Independence Day

For the 4th of July holiday,

Don Harrington Discovery Center hosted Explode, a celebration of the holiday dedicated to explosions, with some hands-on experiments for the whole family.


very hour on the hour, the center staged large-scale explosions for visitors, and showed how pressure and elements like water and fire can explode or change form

. F

rom blowing up bottles, to changing the colors of flames

, guests learned the history of the 4th of July from a scientific perspective.

"We though it'd be kind of fun to give family something to do before the evening or July 4th, because everybody does fireworks at night and we thought why not do something fun that the little kids can do during the day

" said Don Harrington Discovery Center Coordinator Mandi Ried. "O

ur explosions today are a lot of fun but they are also family



Reid said the center's main goal was to teach kids the science behind fireworks and help them understand the mechanics behind their favorite light show.

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