Discover the Dinosaurs makes its way to Amarillo

The Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit was held in the Rex Baxter building at the Tri-State Fairgrounds for a three-day appearance Friday through Sunday. The walk-thru museum allowed families to explore the interactive show and learn about the pre-historic days when dinosaurs were around. Kids had a hands on approach to learning, which made the exhibit unique from regular museums.

"Here you actually get to get up close, touch different dinosaurs and feel different textures," said show manager, Steven Rosholt. "Parents have really liked how much education that they're able to teach their kids about the different dinosaurs."

The T-Rex has always been the biggest hit amongst the kids said Rosholt. But he thinks because of the different varieties of dinosaurs that they offer people might start to change their minds.

Rosholt said that their on the road show had been tiring. However, the benefits they get make it all worth wild.

"Once you get the show going and you get to see the kids' faces light up when the show starts and when they come in, it just makes it worth a lot," said Rosholt.

It takes the Discover the Dinosaur staff three days to set up the exhibit and they travelled to over 30 cities throughout the United States last year. Next on their list of cities to visit is Palm Springs, California.

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