Discord in Darrouzett over volunteer fire departmentâ??s expenditures: Part II

The citizens of Darrouzett continue to be irked by the allegations of misappropriation of funds by the volunteer fire department.

It is clear that Darrouzett remains divided over this issue. While a resolution is still out of reach for all parties involved, the allegations of impropriety are numerous against the chief of the Darrouzett Volunteer Fire Department, and continue to be the talk of the town.

Today, this peaceful town has not one, but two volunteer fire departments. The fire department headed by Jimmie Wilmoth was evicted from city property following a lengthy battle with the city. According to documents provided by the city, he refused to establish a contractual relationship with the city that is typical and customary in the state of Texas.

â??Questions and attempts to negotiate a contract were stonewalled,â?? said Sandy Woods, Mayor of Darrouzett. â??Later, apparent misappropriation of public funds by department officers were soon discovered.â??

There is also a great deal of contention over agreement that the Volunteer Fire Department signed with a Houston-area company to bill for their services. Pronews 7 obtained a bill for over seven thousand dollars through the concerns citizensâ?? website that they say is fraudulent, because they billed for trucks that were not at the scene and for foam that had been provided by another fire department. The website touches on numerous other issues that mostly pertain to improper management of money. Many citizens in the city and throughout the county continue to be angry.

â??If I was spending your money, wouldnâ??t you want to know where it was going,â?? said Randy Bischsel, a concerned citizen and a resident of Darouzett. â??Wouldnâ??t you want a receipt to prove that I spent it where I said I spent it?â??

Jimmie Wilmothâ??s lawyer, Kyle Miller, in a statement to the press, said that his client should not have to prove his innocence, and that his client and the volunteer fire department staff did not have a fair chance at signing a contract with a city. He claimed, â??Negotiations at gunpoint are seldom fair.â?? Mr. Miller also said that the city new fire team â??might be completely incapable of responding to a fireâ?? due to their antiquated equipment.

Responding to this allegation, this city provided a video that shows the pumper working today, that speaks for itself.

The mayor said that the new Volunteer Fire Department would never charge for services. The town is awaiting the results of District Attorneyâ??s investigation of these allegations, although this is not the first time the District Attorney has received documentation in this case.