Director of Repent Amarillo to run for mayor

David Grisham, Director of Repent Amarillo to run for Amarillo Mayor, file photo

UPDATE: Repent Amarillo Director, David Grisham, turned in the paperwork to run as a candidate for city mayor Monday morning.

He says his main key point is not to encourage too much change and growth, but to rather keep the City of Amarillo exactly the way it is.

"If you like living in a big city with a lot of crime and a lot of traffic and all these kinds of things...I live in Amarillo because I love Amarillo because I like it the way it is. I like it being family-friendly, family-oriented and I'd like to see Amarillo take the direction of remaining that way. I don't want to see it become a big city like Dallas."

He also mentioned that his campaigning won't take a lot of money to do because he's thinking "outside the box."

"You're not going to see a lot of signs with my name on it trashing up peoples yards, blowing around in the wind all over the city after the election is over months later. You're going to see us do things a little bit differently. We're going to use facebook, we are going to use twitter, we're going to use social media to promote my campaign."

Grisham says the mayor title won't change the person that he is.

"If Christ is in our hearts and He lives in our hearts and He's with us, then if we get elected office then we take Christ with us into office. He rules over us and then we rule over people -- that's just how the government works, so as far as I'm concerned there is no separation of church and state."

Other key points Grisham mentions is the need to repeal the sign ordinance and do away with the Downtown Urban Design Standards.

Grisham says his facebook page, "David Grisham for Mayor", should be up and running soon.

Paul Harpole also filed his paperwork Monday morning to run as city mayor.

B esides the two filings for mayor by Grisham and Harpole, three others also filed to run for election in the city commission race.

In Place 2, current Commissioner Brian Eades filed to run again. Newcomer Lilia Escajeda who recently announced her plans to run also filed for Place 3. And current Commissioner Jim Simms filed to run again in Place 4.


Pronews 7 has confirmed that the controversial leader of Repent Amarillo, David Grisham, plans to run for the mayorship of Amarillo. The only other person that has indicated he will run for the office is Paul Harpole, a former city commissioner. Both are aiming to take over the reins from current mayor, Debra McCartt, who announced earlier this year she is not seeking another term .

We plan on being at City Hall when Grisham files his paperwork to run for office. Be sure to check this story later in the day for updates on who's running for office in Amarillo.