Dinosaurs roaming the Texas Panhandle...well, almost.

Animals not seen for millions of years can be see at the Don Harrington Discovery Center..almost in the flesh.

The new dinosaur exhibit, which will be here for a few months is now up and running...with Raptors, a mother Triceratops and her hatchlings....along with a T-Rex...who has the unique ability, and software, that allows it track an individual and interact with anyone close.

"You know, it's kind of funny we human beings are inherently very social creatures and and so when you see comething that pays attention to pay attention to it back, says Chip Lindsey, associate director of the Discovery Center. "And when they roar, it's either going to scare you or get you excited and you talk back to them. we've seen staff members begin conversations with the dinosaurs, visitors carrying on and getting excited."

The discovery center is now open until 8 p-m on Friday and Saturdays and that also also have a new film called "Sea Monsters" they're showing in their theatre that's included in your entrance fee.