Dillas contract thrown out

Potter County Commissioners vote to end lease with Reunion Sports Group

The future of baseball in Amarillo is in the air, as the Potter county commission ends it's contract with the sports league that owned the Dillas.

Friday, Potter County Commissioners held a special meeting to discuss the team's future since the league's owners are behind $100,000 on their rent to the county and haven't paid employees or vendors since August.

Commissioners came out swinging against local attorney, John Mazola, representing John Bryant, president and CEO of the Reunion Sports Group.

"The commission has allowed this to go on and it's our fault we should have stopped this in May and not be dealing with this right now," said commissioner H.R. Kelly.

Bryant offered to pay the remaining $75,000 dollars owed along with vendors and employees and half of next year's rent by January. Commissioners amended the punch list by adding county retention of the Dillas name and letter of credit guaranteeing payment.

Before Mazola could contact Bryant by phone, Scott Berry of the American Association, which has 10 teams in its league, warned commissioners that allowing extensions that might not be met, would restrict the time needed for other leagues to bring in a new team next year.

"If I come back for instance right now and say that there's another 30 day delay before we can even go out to bid Amarillo won't be in our league next year. There's no way that our commissioner can accommodate that."

After two hours, and the threat of a lawsuit against the county to keep the Dillas playing, commissioners voted along the same lines. Reunion Sports Group is officially out at home.

"Whatever league we play in I promise it will be affordable family entertainment. We'll have fun out there it will be affordable it will be a good team if I'm the general manager," said Mark Lee the current Dillas general manager.

New teams will be placing bids within a few weeks to meet their deadlines for next season.

"We've got a bid we prepared last year as a starting point, and work from there so we ought to be able to get it submitted pretty quickly," said Berry.

The county and Reunion Sports Group will go through mediation to settle the remaining $75,000 in debt. Late Friday, John Bryant said that, a lawsuit will be filed to try and keep his team here.

We followed the meeting throughout the morning and early afternoon to see how it developed click here.