Developing now: Potential father for baby Brooks comes forward

T he baby, now known as Brooks, was found in a dumpster in Dalhart on July 12.

Developing now are details surrounding the father of the baby who was found in a Dalhart dumpster.


he baby, now known as Brooks, was found in a dumpster between the 1800 block of Oak Ave. and the 1700 block of Chestnut.

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It's estimated that the baby had been in the dumpster for five to six hours, and the baby was less than 24 hours old. Lifestar was dispatched just after 7:40 p.m., and he was taken to the hospital immediately.

Brooks' mother, 21-year-old Shonnie Smalley, gave birth at 35 weeks outside of a hospital facility. She was arrested the morning of July 13 and charged with endangerment of a child, a first-degree felony. She was released from jail on July 15 on bond. The father of the child was to be determined.

The baby was listed in critical condition in NICU until July 23, when his condition changed for the better -- from critical to serious.

On Aug. 8, Pronews 7 attended the Child Protective Services hearing for Brooks. At this hearing, we learned that a potential father of Brooks came forward, submitted to a paternity test (results pending), and spent the day answering questions.

Smalley, her father, and the couple who found the baby were also questioned.

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