Dept. of Ag: Gas stations must calibrate pumps

With gas prices not looking to come down significantly anytime soon, every driver would like to know he's getting a gallon when he pays for a gallon, but that wasn't the case the last time Ben Beasley filled up.

"I just went to the gas station and bought a gallon of gas. I normally buy 30 gallons of gas and I just so happened to be buying one gallon of gas, and I expected it to fill up to a gallon of gas and when I did, it filled up to .997 gallons of gas, which was a little bit less than what I thought I was getting," Beasley said.

Pronews Seven called the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to find out its policy on the calibrations of fuel pumps.

Lindsey Pope, public information officer for TDA said, "By law, once every four years a station will be inspected. Now when it comes to the actual calibration that is up to the individual store or business on how often they actually calibrate the pumps."

Pope said when a customer realizes this, first thing they should do is file a complaint.

"Once TDA gets the complaint, we will send out an inspector to check out that pump." Pope said. "Our field inspector will go out, test the pump, and if they find there is a problem that pump will be tagged out-of-order."

It's then the responsibility of the individual business to have that pump serviced.

TDA also said that all service pumps must be kept in proper operating order at all time.