Democrats say support is growing in the Panhandle

Democrats say support is growing in the Panhandle (Photo by Kendra Hall ABC 7).

A Democratic Congressman is making his way through Texas and stopped in Amarillo Tuesday.

The Panhandle has been known to be more conservative, but Tuesday there were a lot of Democrats at a Town Hall to support Congressman Beto O'Rourke.

Republican Party Chair in Amarillo says the Panhandle is mainly conservative and that is not changing.

"I don't see anything changing in this area, even with these high percentages of roughly 85,000 Republican voters in Randall county. I don't see any change," said Terry Harman, Randall County Republican Party Chair.

But Democratic group, Indivisible Amarillo says their numbers are going up.

"I think it is growing because I think people that voted in favor of Mr. Trump's administration and also in general I think that there's a lot of discord and a lot of unhappiness about things going on in Washington and Austin and so our numbers clearly are growing," said Cyn Palmer with Indivisible Amarillo.

Tuesday, Democratic Congressman O'Rourke made his third appearance in Amarillo and there was a large turnout.

"I don't buy the division of Texas into red and blue counties or areas," said O'Rourke. "We're all Americans, we're all Texans. We all want to do right by our Veterans, support our service members, ensure folks who are looking for work can find that job and in order to do that we're going to have to work together."

Supporters of all ages showed up to the Town Hall to hear O'Rourke speak, but the Republican Party says there would be more people in attendance at a Republican Town Hall.

"Texas is such a critical state in the balance of power in the United States that there making every effort they can to take over Texas," said Harman.

ABC 7 News spoke to a Political Science Professor at West Texas A&M University who says it is still a primarily republican state, but democrats are working to make their mark.

"Here's a democrat in a republican's best back yard, what's he doing there?" said Dave Rausch, Ph.D. "Let's talk to him. Also really as a candidate, do you want to spend a lot of time where you know people are going to vote for you? Or do you want to spend a lot of time where people might vote for you?"

Both parties are asking the community in the Panhandle to educate themselves and get involved.

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