Democratic Club welcome Ross Ramsey to meeting

The Potter/Randall Democratic Club welcomed guest speaker, Ross Ramsey, Co-Founder and Exeuctive Editor of the Texas Tribune, Monday evening to discuss what has been taking place at the Texas Legislature Special Session.

â??We do need to get in some politics in a way,â?? said the Executive City Woman of District 31, Sylvia Perkins. â??I donâ??t ever want to hear anyone say I donâ??t vote or I donâ??t know anything about it. Iâ??m going, oh how sad.â??

Ramsey said that there were 4 issues they have been voting on, including restricting, finding money to pay for roads without raising taxes, closing loop holes in capital murder cases and abortion bills.

â??The abortion bill has 2 things in it,â?? said Ramsey. â??One of them is it would ban abortions after 20 weeks. The other is it would regulate clinics and make it much harder, raise the standard for clinics to the point where only 5 clinics currently in the state would qualify so itâ??s been a big fight.â??

Law makers will decide on the abortion bills as well as transportation Tuesday.