Democratic club turning Texas blue with help of reporter

The Potter-Randall Democrat Club hosted their quarterly meeting at the Ambassador Hotel Monday night.

Melissa del Bosque, investigative reporter from The Texas Observer in Austin, discussed issues on immigration and Battleground Texas.

In February of 2013, Battleground Texas recruited President Obama's Ohio field director, Jenn Brown, to serve as the Executive Director of the campaign to turn the state blue.

"The purpose is to register voters, recognize the democrats, and get them out to vote," said Potter-Randall Democrat Committeewoman, Sylvia Perkins.

Del Bosque also addressed other democratic concerns, such as voter turnout within Texas' Hispanic population.

She says she has a desire to see a bipartisan solution to immigration reform, after a 2010 United States Census revealed that 32% of Texans are Hispanic.

"The Latino demographic is growing so rapidly that both parties realize that this is an important issue and especially Republicans are now coming to the table," said del Bosque.