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      Delay of lethal injection angers victims

      CNN -- T he life of a convicted killer is spared for now after the Supreme Court of Oklahoma issued an 11th hour stay on his execution.

      Clayton Lockett and his attorneys have argued a certain combination of lethal drugs is a violation of his rights and cruel and unusual punishment.

      Bobby Bornt, one of Lockett's victims, was upset by the decision. Lockett and two accomplices had come to Bornt's home to rob him 15 years ago. Stephanie Neiman, 19, and another girl drove up on the crime.

      Bornt was beaten, gagged and duct taped, but he said that was light compared what was done to Neiman.

      Bornt said he's tired of all of the talk about Lockett's rights.

      "Everything that has been talked about is them, what they feel, and no one's mentioned to what Stephanie's family feels and Summer and her family and what it's done to them and me and my family," he said. "We live with this every single day, and it'll honestly tear you apart."

      Bornt doesn't know if Lockett's death will make him feel better; all he knows is that he wants it done.